The Mercy Seat
A personal tribute poster to a Melbourne legend, singer, song writer and performer Nick Cave.
Duty Bound theatrical poster
- 1982 student piece, Swinburne Institute of Technology.
A broken Australian icon, the Teddy Bear buscuit, was chosen to symbolise the innocence
of young Australian and New Zealand soldiers massacred at Gallipoli.
This infamous battle against the Turks created the ANZAC legend during World War I.
The illustration was air brushed and the headline uses hand cut lettering with hand rendered typography beneath.
Sol Wiener: Exhibiting at Artist Space - 1986
- National Gallery of Australia collection
Solo exhibition of intimate, dark and moving portraits in colour and black and white.
The head line aims to capture the human instinct of resilience under oppression.
Sol Wiener's parents were both Jewish Holocaust survivors who emigrated
to Melbourne, Australia.

Israel - 37 Years of Statehood - commemorative poster
This hand drawn, two colour poster was commissioned by the Australasian Union
of Jewish Students to highlight the fine achievements made in Israel's 37 years of statehood.

Guys & Dolls poster
Local Melbourne troupe Style Music Theatre required a poster for their production of this
famous Broadway classic set in the 1930s. A strong Art Deco style was used to capture the era.
The client provided some great photos shot at an old warehouse location.

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