Adult entertainment while in COVID-19 isolation. I was looking for a creative challenge and this was the perfect time to play around before we handed them over to the kiddies.
Above - This was the starting point. Random chaos, sorting out colour combinations, patterns, contrast and free play...inspired by artists Kurt Schwitters and Paul Klee.

Below - I set out my colour and design palette as a reference and future opportunities to explore when the tags where no longer in my possession.

... and here are the results

Cuppa tea anyone?    ... put kettle on!

Thanks goes out to the anonymous designers behind the source material for the likes of Madura, Dilmah, Bushells, Tetley, Twinnings, Yorkshire Tea, T2, Madame Flavour, Nerada and Pukka. Without you and your clients this could not be possible.
Let the fun begin...

Like Lego, it's just as much fun de-constructing as constructing.

       Enjoy me then Destroy me!
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